Really? That’s Your Plan? – Disney Edition Part 3

Welcome back for some more “Really? That’s Your Plan?” featuring Disney villains. Today’s three have a common flaw that has lead to their downfall in one-way or another. Let’s take a look.


The Lion King ­– Scar

When Scar was a young lion cub, he just couldn’t wait to be king. Unfortunately, his brother Mufasa was first in line for the throne, and now Mufasa’s son Simba will become king, leaving Scar a monkey’s uncle. So how will Scar get his chance to rule the Pride Lands? He allies himself with an army of hyenas, uses three of them to cause a stampede that kills Mufasa, and has them go after Simba to secure his position as king.

It’s a good plan…if it hadn’t failed. The hyenas weren’t able to kill Simba, which lead to him eventually coming back to reclaim the throne. Which begs the question: why is he using these three? He has an ARMY of hyenas at his disposal, yet these three are the best this army has to offer?

One of them is incapable of speech! He just laughs! All the time! Honestly though, did he really need the hyenas to run after Simba? He could have easily said “Look over there Simba!” and WHAM, he’s toast. And if you think about it a bit more, Scar didn’t even need the hyenas. He could have caused the stampede, took out Simba, and easily become king! And without the Hyenas requiring food from the Pride Lands, then perhaps the environment wouldn’t have become as decrepit. Strange how by securing assistance, Scar inadvertently secured his demise…

Hercules – Hades

Hades receives a prophecy declaring he will be able to free the titans from their prison and use them to conquer Mt. Olympus. The only problem is if grown up Hercules participates in the fight then Hades will fail. To stop this from happening, Hades orders his most terrifying, effective, and elite forces to kidnap the baby Hercules and drain his power!

…“sigh”…really? These two? Hades has access to a COUNTLESS number of monsters as seen later in the film…and THESE TWO are sent to kill Hercules? And it’s because of these two’s incompetence that Hercules doesn’t loose his power’s completely and is able to stop Hades! Was there no one else Hades could have sent? He couldn’t even bring back someone more competent from the grave to assist him? COME ON HADES!

The Emperor’s New Groove – Yzma

Like Scar, Yzma is one heartbeat away from becoming the emperor of the nation. To help secure the throne away from Emperor Kuzco, Yzma enlists the help of her loyal henchman-

Yeah, she’s going to fail. Kronk means well, however every time he messes up, Yzma never fires him or tries to get a new henchman. After accidentally turning Kuzco into a llama instead of killing him (Kronk’s fault), she gets Kronk to “finish the job” and lo and behold, he doesn’t finish the job. We see later that she has other vials, so why not get the poison from her secret lair and finish the job herself? Or better yet, follow through with the flea plan! Turn Kuzco from a llama into a flea and squash him! No need to have the incompetent and morally conflicted henchman to interfere whatsoever!

Are you noticing the trend yet with these Villains? If you’re not willing to get your hands dirty, you need to find good henchman who are capable of doing the grunt work for you! Is it really that hard to find good help to participate with bad deeds? I wonder…


I’ll see you all next week for some “Really? That’s your Plan?” featuring even more Disney villains. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to find some henchmen for…research purposes…

This is Xander signing off.