Arrowverse Part 4: Legacy in the Making and Muse of Misfire

Before we begin, a quick announcement. From this moment forward, no more plot summaries, just discussions and analysis. If you want to know what happens, watch the show! It’s pretty good (at the moment.) With that out of the way, lets begin.

Arrow Season 1, Episode 6 & 7


WE BROKE THE PATTERN! Two good episodes in a row? I’m shocked! Let’s get to the good stuff.

The main storyline this episode is unique in that it has nothing to with Oliver’s list of names. It’s simply a family bank robbing team. Because it has nothing to do with the list, Oliver is not interested. Diggle on the other hand is the one who pushes Oliver to go after them, claiming he could be doing more for the city. Through Diggle’s persuasion, Oliver caves in and thwarts their plans. It may not look like it, but this is a HUGE step in Oliver’s character development. Having always acted like a vigilante, doing what’s right in his father’s name, we finally see him take a step towards being a hero, doing something that’s right because it’s the right thing to do. This is solidified through the fact that Oliver’s father forced the bank robbing family into this lifestyle. If Diggle never pushed Oliver, he would have never received the opportunity right one of his father’s wrongs that wasn’t on the list.

A quick side note, Oliver and Diggle’s chemistry is EXCELLENT! There’s many clear signs that their partnership is quickly evolving into that of a friendship.

We also get some great stuff between Moira and Oliver. Realizing he hasn’t been communicating with his mother at all since returning home and her feelings now that Walter is gone, Oliver makes an extra effort to connect with his mother, culminating in a great scene with them at Big Belly Burger.

For the first time, Laurel and Tommy’s relationship feels very solid, like it’s going in a natural direction. They’re very compatible with each other, show great chemistry, and honestly I’m rooting for them more then I am Oliver and Laurel.

What really becomes clear this episode is Thea. She’s spiraling. It’s been alluded to in previous episodes as she “party hardees”, but we see her suffer social consequences for her lifestyle. She attempts to drunkenly go after Tommy, (something she’s never alluded to or attempted before) and is forced to leave the gala due to getting sick. I have a sneaking suspicion that things are not going to improve at all.

The down side for this episode is the flashback when Oliver starts hallucinating his father. It feels rather repetitive (just more of Robert Queen telling him to SURVIVE and AVENGE ME!) Honestly, this could’ve been cut and no one would have noticed I bet. Also, Carter Bowen, AKA the poster child for the phrase “my horse is bigger then your horse” provides nothing for this episode except someone to exist for comedic moment material. I would have liked to have seen him showcase a flaw or say how he’s jealous of Oliver in one way or another. That way, he wouldn’t be just some jerk of the week.

But these are minor notes. We got a lot of great character development and scenes for a filler episode. Plus, it’s always nice to see Oliver getting help from the awkward Felicity Smoak, another highlight of the episode.

Muse of Fire

Seriously? Can we for once have three good episodes in a row? Please? No? …fine. Let’s talk good stuff.

Surprisingly, there were no flashbacks on the island this episode. I think that’s fine to do every once in awhile because it allows for time to be focused towards the present day plot lines.

Moira comes across well this episode when she and Thea are discussing Oliver. She imparts to Thea that Oliver is a changed person with secrets, and that they must accept him for who he is now rather then who he was. One could say that her reasoning for this acceptance is the fact that she has a VERY big secret, working on a plan with Malcolm.

Speaking of Malcolm, it’s revealed that he’s Tommy’s father and is cutting Tommy off! Not only is this a great reveal, but also a nice beginning towards Tommy’s new character development. How will this once rich playboy deal with losing his money and being tied down to one woman?

What’s not great in this is episode is that we’ve taken a step back towards Oliver’s relationship with his mother. Last episode was great! We had them connecting for the first time in a very nice, cute way. But then we see how he’s willing to let his bleeding mother rest on a sidewalk for the chance to run after the shooter who’s DRIVING A MOTERCYCLE. He get’s close, I’ll admit that, but he should’ve stayed with his mother, making sure that she’d be okay. And when Thea questions him on this, he doesn’t show any remorse.

Then there’s this girl: Selina Kyle-I MEAN-Helena Bertinelli. This woman on a revenge path, who should’ve easily been the antagonist this episode, becomes Oliver’s first love interest of the show. I honestly see no chemisty between these two accept for the fact that Oliver finds her attractive. Even after Diggle warns him that he’s not thinking straight on this one, Oliver reveals his identity as the Hood to her, promising to teach her how to walk the path of justice rather then revenge. He actually wants to work with the woman who almost shot his mother? This could have been an interesting turn of events if the chemistry was there and if SHE DIDN’T GO CRAZY WITHIN MERELY ONE EPISODE! But I’m getting ahead of myself. You’d think with Oliver’s commitment to his crusade and his focused mentality that an attractive woman wouldn’t sway him!

Will he see clearly? Well, come back next week as Oliver’s love life totally backfires on him.


Until next time, this is Xander signing off.