So! Who likes to read about what some random guy on the internet thinks about television and movies?

NO, NO, NO! Please come bac-

Well…for those of you who stayed, hello! The name’s Xander. And welcome to Xandrama, a blog all about anything to do with visual storytelling in general. This blog will have it all I tell you. In-depth retrospectives and analysis’s! Alternate what-if story scenarios! The tricks to the trade on storytelling! Random topics that I’ll determine the day I have to write them! And of course…strongly worded rants towards awful storytelling utilizing ALL CAPS and bolded letters! MAYBE AT THE SAME TIME!

But most importantly, this blog is about praising great stories, critiquing the worst of the worst, and spreading my thoughts to all of you readers. Maybe you’ll agree with me or maybe we’ll have a nice long argument in the comment section. I don’t really care. If I can get a person to see a story differently, that’s all the victory I need.